Our foremost interest in all projects shall always be HEALTH AND SAFETY, SECURITY and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and this will be demonstrated in all of our operations. 
We shall therefore adhere to HEALTH AND SAFETY, SECURITY and EVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS in Telecom Tower Sites, Oil & Gas Terminal Site, Factories and the Construction industry in general by ensuring incorporation of Local and International standards, Policies, Rules and regulations including Tanzanian Occupational Health and Safety Act (2003), Environmental Management Act (2004), National Environmental Policy, National Environmental Action Plan, Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) Standards, The South African National Standards (SANS) 10087-3(2008) and ISO 14001 just to mention few.
All necessary safety clothing and equipment shall be available for all NAZA personnel and we shall ensure that persons remain medically fit throughout the duration of our contracts while capable of demonstrating sound experience in the matters of Occupational Health and Safety.